Declan Brooks :: Month 4

FOUR MONTHS?! Where has the time gone? This time last year, I found out I was pregnant and began a nine month journey that seemed like eternity..Waiting patiently for this perfect little being to enter the big world. And I must say, he is beyond perfect in every way.


You are still such a happy, healthy dude. Always giggling, cooing, and “occasionally” showing mom and dad who the boss is with your “I WANT IT NOW” voice. You’ve got us tightly wrapped around those tiny fingers and who wouldn’t be?! Look at that face! I swear you get more handsome each and every day.



You despise naps, but sleep 8-10 hours every night. Every night is a ritual..change diaper, swaddle, eat, and sleep. You hit the sack at about 9 pm, wake up at 6 am for a quick feed, then sleep til about 8 am. Hey, can’t complain about that. You wake me up every morning so patiently with a huge cheesy grin and bright, blue eyes..still swaddled tightly, occasionally with little fingers poking through the top.




Those fingers. You. Love. Them. They occupy your mouth about 98% of the time and it drives your daddy crazy. OPERATION {no more paci} has officially begun. Enjoy it while you have 2 months left little man.



You’ve suddenly made a new best bud and she weighs a whopping 2.5 lbs, so be gentle with her! If you want to find Bella, you just need to know where Declan is and she is usually curled up next to him. Seeing your little hand reach for the pups makes me melt. Especially knowing you will grow up with them around…and hopefully with all 20 fingers and toes.



You hate hate HATE being put down and always want to be in someones arms..preferably standing. Luckily, you adore your Moby and even pass out in it sometimes. Your daddy says I spoil you..Whoops.



And THESE pictures sum up your personality. Spunky, sweet, and a ball of fun. On to the next month my little man.


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