DIY Baby Bandana Bibs



So, I must say..I have always been a “tad” salty about the frills, lace, tulle, glitter {need I go on?} that encompasses what being a little girl is all about. We all know that you can walk into a kid’s clothing store and you are flooded with pink, pink, and more pink..topped off with exaggerated, luscious headbands…and then over there in the corner you have a few boy items. Let’s just say I am not swooning over this skull and cross bone or cutesy-animal thing (animals are cute in moderation) going on. It seems as though the market is forgetting about all the little gentlemen out there who just want to sport some serious swag. And then I discovered Bandana Bibs..OMG. Watch out ladies. Little lads know how to ROCK these things and for once, I’m not jelly over the pink and frills. These are super cute for the ladies too!!

After searching the internet high and low for them, I realized that spending $15 or more for ONE was a bit out of my budget, especially because I tend to go overboard and wanted about 20 million of them. So I took matters into my own hands. I am no master seamstress, but this seemed like a project that I could definitely pull off…and I was so right! EASY!


One thing I LOVE about living in a big city is that you can basically find anything your heart desires within 15-20 minutes. It’s amazing. I discovered a locally-owned, mother/daughter fabric boutique that had oh-so-chic prints and patterns. Aztec/tribal, chevron, herringbone, chambray, polka name a trendy print and they had it. You would have thought I was a kid in a candy store pacing around this place with Declan bouncing along in his Moby.


I could have spent a gazillion dollars in this place, but after serious contemplation decided on these three prints…a chambray bird print, polka dots, and a basic navy checkered pattern. Let’s just say I’ll probably be back there within the end of the week. Uh oh.


What You’ll Need:

12X12 Square Piece of Fabric…One 12×12 will make ONE bib. I wanted to make each side a different print, so I ended up needing TWO 12×12 squares, which will end up making 2 bibs. I used a cotton fabric which will soften with each wash. You can also use a knit or flannel.

Thread…You can use a neutral color that matches or get creative and add a pop of color.

Scissors…Nice and sharp ones.

Sewing Machine…Mine is very simple, nothing fancy and it was under $100. You can also find them on Craigslist or on sale at craft stores. Once you start sewing, you can’t stop!!! One of my best purchases.

Snap Fasteners…I used metal snap fasteners that came with a kit {Dritz Snap Fastener Attacher Kit, $7.99 but 40% off with online coupon at JoAnns}. If you go this route, you will need a hammer. You can also use sew-on snaps or velcro, however this tutorial uses the metal snap fasteners. They definitely leave a very clean and sleek look.


TWO DIFFERENT PRINTS: Cut your fabric into a 12×12 square. You can change these dimensions if needed. I am making my bib to have two different prints so I am using TWO 12×12 squares. After cutting them out, make the “bad” sides face one another like shown above.

ONLY ONE PRINT: You will only need to make ONE 12×12 square. Fold the square diagonally with the “bad” sides facing each other to make a triangle. 


If you are doing only ONE PRINT, disregard this step. After cutting your 12X12 square, cut the fabric diagonally in half making a triangle. You can put one triangle to the side, as you will only need one to make a bib.


This step is very important and you must make sure you are cutting the right section. We are going to make a “V” around the neck area of our bib. You want to snip off a small triangular piece. DO NOT cut the side of the triangle where the fabric folds!! Use the pictures above to help you.


Fold the bib back into the triangle and cut about an inch off the ends..This is the part of the bib where the ends will meet to attach in the back. Make sure yours looks like the picture above when unfolded into the larger triangle. 


Time to whip out that sewing machine. With the “bad” sides facing each other, sew around the edges of the bib, making sure to leave open a small area so that you can flip the fabric right-side out.


After sewing, flip the fabric right-side out through the opening left. If needed, you can use a pencil to poke around and make all edges nice and neat.


ALMOST THERE! Now that your bib is right-side out, we need to stitch up the edges for a sleek look. Make sure to sew together the hole that was left open!


AHH!! How gorgeous is this?!?! Now we just need to add the snaps to complete this bad boy!


Get those snaps ready!! They can be a bit tricky to figure out, so look to the back of your package for details. If I tried to explain it, I would probably confuse you more!


Mark the locations where your snaps will be fastened. Do so with something that will wash out or is temporary.


This is another step that can be easily understood with the directions on your snap fastener kit. You can use the pictures below for reference as well. It is super easy! Make sure you know how your pieces will match up to snap so you hammer them in correctly!

DSC_0181 DSC_0182 DSC_0186

And there you have it! A seriously adorable piece to add to your little man’s wardrobe. It’s official. Declan will have about 38 of these. 


Did I mention that these are so fast to make?! I made one while Declan napped..And his naps are 30 minutes at the most. Gotta LOVE DIY projects that are adorable, easy, and quick!





2 thoughts on “DIY Baby Bandana Bibs

  1. How adorable and so easy to do! My daughter has a bib on all day, so this is a fantastic alternative! Thanks for sharing.



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