In the blink of an eye…

A year ago around this time, I found out I was pregnant and shortly after was on a massive search for that “just-right” photographer. I remember it as if it was yesterday..sitting down at our photographer’s house (she is amazing, by the way..Rana Watt) and talking about packages and all that jazz. At that point, it felt like we had forever until our little guy would be here. You don’t realize how quickly time passes. It’s almost as if you just b l i n k e d and your life fast-forwarded in an instant.

Anyways, we decided on a “bump to bundle” package which would entail a maternity, newborn, and every 3 month sessions, topped off with a 1-year cake smash session. The excitement is killing me for that one in a bittersweet way.

To think that we are on our way to our 6-month session makes me wonder where the time has gone. It’s like the older you get, the faster everything passes by. In other words, cherish every moment…even the small ones.


35 weeks..I’ve been asked if I miss the belly because supposedly everyone goes through that. Nope. No thanks. I like being able to put my shoes on, shave my legs, and sleep on my belly.

Amber.1372.b&w.web Amber.1379.b&w.web


Declan. 12 days old and I still look at these at least twice a week. Total swoon factor.

Declan.4980.b&w.web Declan.4996.web Declan.5026.web Declan.5085.web Declan.5098.web Declan.5126.web Declan.5156.web Declan.5159.web Declan.5167.web Declan.5200.web Declan.5252.webDeclan.5229.web

And I can’t believe we have already surpassed our 3 month shoot. But I must say, we have one adorable little future ladies man..

Declan.3M.9949 Declan.3M.9994 Declan.3M.9978 Declan.3M.9987  Declan.3M.9961Declan.3M.9925Declan.3M.9939 Declan.3M.9933  Declan.3M.9915 Declan.3M.9901 Declan.3M.9827 Declan.3M.9835 Declan.3M.9841 Declan.3M.9856 Declan.3M.9894

Declan LOVES himself some pat-a-cake.

Declan.3M.9788 Declan.3M.9784 Declan.3M.9765

Love love LOVE my little family.

Happy Friday!



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