DIY Barnwood Stain

It’s everywhere. That rustic wood stain that everyone wants. Upon going to Lowe’s and seeing that a tiny can of wood stain was at least $8, I decided to take matters into my own hands..and the best part? You only need THREE simple and inexpensive ingredients to whip up a batch of stain that replicates old barn wood! 


What You’ll Need…
White-Distilled Vinegar
Coffee Grounds
Steel Wool
Glass Jar
Yep. That is seriously it.. Pretty sweet, huh?
All you need to do is dump the coffee grounds (about 3/4 cup) into the jar, then place the piece of steel wool in (this will end up dissolving), fill up with vinegar, and mix! Seriously EASY
It may take minutes to make but it will take a few days to be ready to use. Not dark enough for you? Simply add more coffee grounds or do extra coats until you’ve reached your desired shade. I’ve been using this stain for about 2 years and notice that the mixture does darken the longer it “sits” which I really like.
You may have some coffee ground “leftovers” on your wood after painting on the stain…No worries! Just wipe off once the stain has dried. If for some reason your wood is not taking the stain, try to sand it down. Stay away from pressure-treated wood too! Lowe’s or Home Depot has cedar fence pickets for under $2 each! This is what I use for nearly all of my projects because it makes for a deal and stains so well.
Uses for this stain are endless and it is the closest thing I have found to replicate that envied rustic look that is popping up all over the place. 
It is best to do this outdoors, as it will stain anything it touches. Keep that in mind when completing your own project! 🙂
Happy Saturday!

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