Declan Brooks::Month 3

My Sweet Baby Declan,

Where has the time gone? It is so incredibly amazing how much can change in only three short months. You are blossoming into such an amazing little guy and I cannot wait to watch you grow throughout life..and cherishing those small moments. 

That Personality. Full of life, love, and giggles. You definitely have me sweating when taking pictures now, as you are a little moving machine. Your smile makes me melt…And when you “talk”? Swoon. I can already tell you are going to be such a little chatty man just like your mama. 
You adore ceiling fans, Mickey Mouse, Sophie, trees, being swaddled, and your daddy’s silly, deep voices. Recently, you’ve discovered your “big boy” voice and have been practicing your vowel sounds at the top of your lungs…especially out in public. It’s adorable..Well, at least for now. 
You are a healthy boy. Weighing in at 15.5 lbs and saying “adios” to your 0-3 month clothes..some still with tags. And those rolls..You wear them well.
Handsome. Now I understand why everyone says that they think their baby is the cutest..Because it is true. You are the cutest little man. I love your little details..those tiny toes (lint included), fingers, eyes, nose, and peach-fuzz hair. 
Milestones. Tracking, smiling, cooing, lots of movement, grasping, holding head up, sleeping through the night, discovering your fingers (you love them), and…YOU ROLLED OVER FROM YOUR BELLY TO BACK TODAY!! I am one proud mama. You totally caught me off guard and I even snapped a pic seconds before it happened. 
I am so thankful that God blessed us with such a little angel. You’ve made me re-think life, priorities, and what being a mommy is all about.
You may be growing as fast as the blink of an eye, but you’ll always be my little man

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