Puj Splash Newborn Bath Set {Review}

Bathtime. I admit…I used to dread that word. I don’t know whether it was my aching back from leaning over the bathtub, that waiting time to get the plastic tub full enough to begin, battling the bath towel to keep my little one from freezing when getting him out of the tub, or the aftermath of waiting what seemed like ages for the tub to dry out…and where in the WORLD do you store that thing?! 

What seemed like such a hassle is now one of the things I look forward to most.
A few weeks ago, Puj began their search for everyday moms who could give real, honest reviews on their newest product, The Puj Splash Newborn Bath Set. I applied and upon reading the email explaining that I was chosen as an exclusive product tester, you would have assumed I just won the lottery!
I’ve never loved receiving mail so much and the anticipation of getting a package is unreal…Until one day, this beauty showed up at my doorstep..

I have always heard the line, “First impressions always count.” Puj did a PHENOMENAL job with their presentation of this product. Seriously. Look at it! You become a “Puj Believer” before even using the product with it’s chic, simplistic, and user-friendly layout. 
The Puj Splash is a 9 piece bath set. All you need is your favorite soap, a sink, and you are ready to go! Let’s take a peek inside…
The Puj Flyte. Sleek. Portable. Amazing. The best part is that this innovative tub simply rests in your sink. No bending over. No achy knees or back. Plus, it provides a comfy and secure atmosphere while your little one is being washed. Another perk is that it can be easily transported and used wherever! Can you say ideal for vacation or weekend trip to your in-laws house?!
3 Fresh Bath Towels. The first thing I noticed was how soft these look, so I had to do the “feel” test and sure enough, these were even softer than they looked. They are great quality and no worrying about the edges fraying as they are durably sewn all around. 
3 Puj Nubs. I absolutely LOVE that these are included in the set. They are extremely easy to apply on any flat surface and you have a convenient place to hang-dry your Flyte, wash cloths, and towel.
The Puj Hug. Oh my goodness. I mentioned before that the wash cloths were super soft…Well, how about that softness but super-sized and in bath towel-form?!? There are no words to explain how in love I am with this thing! And did I mention it allows you to pick up your little one from the tub with TWO FREE HANDS?! Simply, use the two tabs attached to the towel to snap around your neck. Pick up your little gal or guy and “hug” the towel around them. This towel eliminates that awkward “holding the towel under your chin” and “battle with the towel” scenarios. I was shocked by how easily I was able to transition my little man from the tub to the towel without him becoming cold and fussy. SCORE!
 Before showing you pictures in action, I wanted to share one more thing that I really loved upon opening The Puj Splash… Not many companies take the time to actually tell you about their brand and story. I loved this. It made me excited to see real-life parents create such an awesome product and have the opportunity to help make our lives a little easier.
And bathtime begins…
This product is clearly Declan-approved. 🙂
This towel is extremely absorbent! Typically, our towel will be absolutely drenched and even I will get wet. Yuck! Declan was dry in a flash and I stayed dry too. Plus, the product’s name is perfect because every bath literally DOES end in a hug. Perfection.
Is it bad that I am considering buying the Puj Big Hug for myself? 
Clean-up literally took 2 minutes, if that. Here’s where those Puj Nubs come in handy. Hang your Flyte and Puj Hug up and let air-dry. 
What used to be a complete hassle turned into an enjoyable bonding moment with my little one. Not only is this product “Declan-approved” but it has also far-exceeded my expectations and receives the “Mommy Stamp of Approval”. 
I cannot rave enough about this company and their products. The Puj Splash would make a fantastic baby shower gift for any first-time or seasoned mama (or dad). No need to search for “the perfect” wash cloths, towels, and tub because this set has it all! 
Wait, there’s more! You can score The Puj Splash at 20% off with the code “SPLASHTESTER20” until July 31, 2014. Plus, shipping within the U.S. is FREE! Simply click HERE to become a new member of the Puj family:) 

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