A Week Full of Firsts

EVERYONE goes on the 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. right? Nope. Not me! Yes, I will admit I was a “tad” salty about it back in the day, but being able to experience all those “firsts” with Declan made it all worth it..even though he was less than impressed most of the time;) 

When the thought of a vacation arose, I was ALL about it..and then realized we have a 3 month old and panic mode quickly set in. The thought of stuffing everything but the kitchen sink in our car and venturing for at least 6 hours one-way made me a “little” uneasy, but we went for it and I am so glad we did…

I am absolutely SHOCKED with how well little mister did in the car. I am amazed by how much patience he already has at such a young age. I’m guessing this was given to him by his daddy, as I get extremely anxious about EVERYTHING:) He slept an extremely long time in the car and my head was racing with the thought that he may get to the hotel and be wide-eyed. Let’s just say I was wrong. He was out like a light when we got there AND I even got to wake up to this cutie face the next morning after we all slept in. 

Our first day, we went into the city with an amazing couple that we graduated high school with and explored..
 Declan wasn’t too impressed..
 and he isn’t into art.
 The Washington Monument

Declan LOVES bathtime, so we thought he would have a blast in the pool..WRONG! It was freezing, so we just chilled outside of the pool together:)

Again, Declan is less than enthused with our daily ventures…
 When all else fails…do squats.
*Sidenote..Doesn’t a baby suit this fellow well? 😉
 And her too..
The White House
And The Washington Monument again.
Declan’s first MLB game..Cubs vs. Nationals
We even took the metro to get there! Another first for this little dude!
After a super fun week/weekend, it was time to go home. It’s official, you pack 10% for yourself and 90% for the baby:) Haha
Beginning the venture home..After the first hour..
Hour 2
Hour 3
Hour 4
Hour 5…I am seeing a trend here:)
Hour 6
 And the final moments in the car. I’d say he is ready to be home:)
Back to Ohio and resuming our normal life. I must say, it was SO nice to get away, visit old friends, eat without a calorie care in the world, and discover a new city as a family. Yes, it wasn’t quite as “easy” as our baby-less ventures, but being able to tell stories and share pictures when Declan is older makes it all totally worth it. I can’t believe that exactly a year ago we were in Cabo on our honeymoon. It’s crazy how your life can change so much in just a year. We are truly blessed!
Now to think about our vacation for next summer.. 🙂

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